Networld (DTP) - Newsletter 1 st

Networld Danube Transnational Programme (DTP)
Newsletter 1 st Reporting Period – June  2017

NETWORLD partnership composition of 9 DTP nations cover the majority of countries participating in the WW1 and having  NETWORLD heritage sites as museums, battlefields with monuments, cemeteries  and other architectural heritage.

The following countries are involved in the project: Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania.

The  Start Date of the project is: 01.01. 2017.
The end date of the Project is: 30. 06. 2019.
The Total Budget of the Project is  1 869 398 €  
ERDF contribution awarded: 1 404 144,74 €
IPA contribution awarded: 184 843,55 € and
National and Own contribution is: 280 409,71 €

" The Project is co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA)."

On the hungarian side two beneficiary institution takes part in the project. The ERDF PP5 Cultural LAB Social Cooperative and the ERDF PP 6 Municipality of Veszprém Town. The Ministry of Defence, Military Histrory Institute and Museum as an associated strategic partner provides input to the project implementation.

The Objectives of the Networld project are the follows:

  • To develop a common DTP database, DTP strategy to increase awareness of WW1 history and heritage, to encourage the data exchange between national organisations and WW1 centenary communities
  • to promote the sustainable management and conversation activities of heritage sites
  • to improve WW1 historical and cultural heritage sites for quality cultural tourism
  • to establish the Walk of Peace Brand in the 9 DTP country
  • to develop ICT tools applications of the WW1 heritage sites combined with touristic places in the surrounding area are available via smart phone application and computers/tablets
  • to increase awareness of the target groups and in special of younger generation from schools on the social and economic impact of WWi events
  • to develop multilingual educational materials on WW1 in DTP regions.

The Walk of Peace brand will be established in all PP’s area. The structure of the Walk of Peace will be defined in common way by Project Partners as attaining the visiting sites by different ways, putting road signs and advertisements on the accessibility of visiting sites under the same Walk of Peace logo of the 9PP countries with the possibility to display to sites.

The Municipality of Veszprem will be the responsible Partner of coordinating the demonstration and testing activities. The results of the above mentioned tasks will be discussed during an international conference organised by the Municipality of Veszprém in 2018.

In frame of the Networld project in the first period of the year of 2018  the WW1 Monument on the Vörösmarty Square in Veszprém will be renovated For this small scale reconstruction work a 5000 € is allocated in the project budget.

The present stage of the project:

The application was approved by the Monitoring Committee on the 08 th of December 2016. The Subsidy Contract had been signed between the Ministry of National Economy, Hungary and the Lead Partner the Soca Valley Development Center, Slovenia at  21 st of Febuary 2017. In Hungary The Széchenyi Program Office and Consulting Company is responsible for the First Level Control .

Events / Conferences

  • 1 st Networld Project Partner Meeting  (Kikk Off Meeting) and International Conference in Kobarid, Szlovénia organized by the Lead Partner Soca Walley Development Center (13-15. Febuary 2017) Theme:, Steering Committee Meeting and Opening Conference
  • Information Day in  Budapest, Hungary organized by the First Level Control Authority Theme: Procedure of First level control, detailed information about eligibility of expenditures, criteria of signing the Co-Financing Subcidy Contract (29. March 2017);
  • Centenary Memory Committe Meeting, Veszprém Hungary organized by the Municipality of Veszprém (13. March 2017) Theme:  The objectives, the results of the Networld Project was introduced to the Members of the Committee
  • Project Partner Meeting Workshop, Veszprém Hungary organized by the Municipality of Veszprém (20. April 2017.) Theme: ERDF Project Partner Cultural LAB Social Cooperative from Pécs and the ERDF Project partner Municipality of Veszprém had a meeting on joint action in perform interviews for the international database, communication activities and partnership bulding;
  • 2 nd Networld Project Partner Meeting and International Conference in Krems, Ausztria organized by Danube University Krems (31 Maj-02 June 2017) Theme: Protection Measures of the First World War Heritage

For further news please visit the DTP website >>

Veszprém, 15. 06. 2017.

Municipality of  Veszprem Town, 
Strategic Office
Project coordinator
Milena Kiss