3 tips why you should visit the city of the Queens

Hello Veszprém - 3 tips why you should visit the city of the Queens:

  1. zoo
  2. castle district
  3. the towers of the iconic monuments of the castle district in a special exhibition, in human scale

Programs, summer festivals, concerts, attractions and fascinating architectural and historical monuments invite you to Veszprém all year round. Here are just three of the attractions that make a visit to The City of Queens worthwhile in itself.

The Veszprém Zoo is a well-known and popular attraction here, home to unique animal species from 6 continents for 60 years. The zoo has expanded and modernized over the years, and today you can get up close and personal with popular animals such as cape penguin, harbor seals, white rhinoceros, gelada, bears, tigers, giraffes, and even elephants and lions, inhabitants of jungles and savannahs.

Not only can you see the inhabitants of exotic landscapes up close, but you can also travel back in time to prehistoric times, to the world of dinosaurs. The wildlife park in the picturesque Fejes Valley and on the Gulya hill is a great place for a family walk.

The Veszprém Castle District

The historic part of Veszprém, where you can wander through centuries-old historic buildings and experience a real journey through time. Visit the city's iconic buildings, whose towers have become symbols of Veszprém. Look down over the town below the castle hill, visit the statue of St Stephen and Queen Gisela and find out why Veszprém is called The City of Queens!

A visit to Veszprém offers a rich cultural, historical and architectural experience. The good news for explorers is that Veszprém's existing colorful cultural assets will be further enriched by ongoing developments and the European Capital of Culture 2023 title.

The towers of the castle's iconic monuments in a special exhibition, in human scale

A new children's activity center and café will soon open in the immediate vicinity of the castle hill, where the Kabóca Puppet Theatre will also move in. The new space will offer interesting and entertaining activities for all ages. It will be a cultural epicenter within easy reach of the castle district, inviting those who are already familiar with Veszprém's sights and attractions to come and discover new ones.

It will also feature an exhibition on the city and a special mock-up exhibition where you can see the St. Stephen's and St. Imre's Churches, the double tower of St. Michael's Cathedral and the Fire Tower in human scale and detail.



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